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Wow where do I start; well if I say she surpassed what I expected to get from this, then that would be an understatement. Jessi lives hundreds of miles away from me so this really is raw energy work at its finest. She would literally do a session and then let me know what to be present to and for. Here's an example from my experiences with this bright being. I was hanging with my roommate in the back yard with my feet in the grass explaining how my brothers spirit had visited the night before. As I'm having one of the most profound experiences of my life I get a text from Jessi. She wanted to let me know to put my feet on the ground and to look to my brother as he was with me through this time. I literally started crying for pure joy in awe of what is here & present in my life. In less then 7 sessions and a bit of guidance I can say I'm healed from my past trauma and severe depression. I'm full of light & abundance that I didn't think possible in the past. I can't more highly recommend that you give yourself this opportunity for soul medicine & healing on such an unprecedented level. 


I was lucky enough to meet Jessica in person!!!  Changed my life forever, in a really great way and when I needed it the most!!!  Someone was really watching out for me when I had the pleasure to meet Jessica.  I have had some major traumatic, life altering events in a sad upsetting way for the past 4 1/2 years intensely (and for the majority of my life prior to that).  Once I met Jessica, there was hope again. There is no way that Jessica could have known anything about me, let alone the things that she 'offered' to tell me.  I had 'thought' and even 'been clear' that someone was watching out for me.  With what Jessica shared with me, is even more than I was aware of or thought.  I have been working with Jessica since I met her.  It has now been 7 plus months.  The results:  I am doing so much better... it's ridiculous. People who know my comment on it.  Other people who have been affected by the things I have been are amazed by how well I am doing.  They ask me what I do.  I tell them what I do and about Jessica.  I referred my son to Jessica when he was going through a very rough time.  He did not see any hope for himself or his life.  I promised him that Jessica could help him.  He went on my promise.  I have not seen him that down since.  He was amazed.  He still works with Jessica as needed.  To say the least... I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER.


I have had the pleasure of finding Jessi three years ago. I unfortunately had breast cancer and was left with scar tissue that limited my range of motion. With Jessi's help, she was able to release the scar tissue and I have full range of motion back. I feel Jessi is a true healer, her reiki and energy work is amazing. She seams to get so in tuned with ones body and knows instinctively where the trouble spots are. She has a big heart and truly cares about her clients health and well being. She has also worked on my elderly mother and several of her friends, a long with my husband and adult children. We all look forward to seeing Jessi and receiving an absolutely wonderful massage, Reiki or energy sessions.